Still testing this sucker…

by Rory on April 24, 2011

YO – It looks like a few people found their way here. I know I mentioned my email address on that stupid twitter site thing, but I didn’t spect y’all to figure out that the “” domain name for the address would lead to an internet web site extravaganza. Obviously I was really stupid for thinking that. Glad you’re here – and now that you are, and now that I have something that really does *need* to be posted, expect me to make my way back soon. Very, very soon. As you can see, the site is mostly functional. Gotta fix a few typos, add some links, and launch even in a bare-bones state. It’s my duty to the people. Keep yer eyes peeled. I don’t know how that ever got to be a saying. Who in the hell would peel their eyes. And what would they use? An eye-peeler, obviously, but that’s disgusting. Don’t peel your eyes. Just… hang on. If you already peeled your eyes because you have zero attention span and jumped for the eye-peeler before thinking about it… I’m sorry for not being more responsible. Also for not going back and editing that out. On the bright side, you’ll no longer have to waste precious energy blinking, and having no eyelids, you’ll be able to work much longer and without interruption. Like, I’ve been timing it, and I could’ve written this post addendum three hours faster if I didn’t have to blink. Ok. I have to go. That’s not true. I don’t have to. I’m just going. Because I’m working on some work stuff, and the stuff where people pay me to do things is things I need to finish before I do the things that are free for no money because you don’t have to pay for it. As you can see, I haven’t lost any of my writing ability despite the long break. Clear as a whistle. Or bell. Or whatever it is. I don’t know. I’m in a cafe and listening to a guy talk about getting charged for assault. And taking off shirts at a concert. “Blood and s**t and nose got broken” is another thing I just heard. This is going to go on for a while, and I think I might get into a brawl with these guys just to show ‘em whose cafe this is. That means this might be the first and last addendum to my site that hasn’t even been launched yet. Because they might kill me. Ok. Bye.

Yep. I’m still testing this sucker.

print "Rory is neat"
goto oh crap I don't know where the line numbers are


Keep yer pants on…

by Rory on April 23, 2011

It’s almost ready.

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